Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lean Moms Giveaway {Winner}

Thanks to everyone that entered to win the 3 month Lean Moms membership!  It is a good feeling to know that I am not alone in my quest to become healthy!  I really loved reading all of your healthy dinner options because now I have some great ideas for what to feed to my family.

If you aren't the winner today, sorry.  The good news is that if you sign up with Lean Moms, everyone can be a winner cause we will all be rocking our sweet new bodies! :)

The winner is.......

Shae Smith Conrad

Congratulations!  You have 48 hours to email and claim your prize.  If I don't hear from you after that, I will choose a new winner.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Point of View {Doors}


After taking a break from Point of View in December, we are back and ready for action with some exciting new themes and people!  If you are interested in joining in the fun, you can find all the themes for the year under my POV tab at the top of the page.  We would love to have you link your projects to our link party every month!

Like I said up above, we have a new face joining us.  I would love to welcome Stephanie from Crafting in the Rain as our newest member of the Point of View team!  Wahoo!  I first met Steph at SNAP last year and we became friends fast.  I am so glad that she has agreed to join in the fun and I know you are going to LOVE what she has to offer.

One last thing that I want to mention is that along with the other changes, we are also changing the day of that party.  We will now be having the Point of View reveal on the fourth Monday of every month and the link party will be open until the Thursday after that.

Now onto the party!  I link you are going to love the DOOR projects that we have in store for you today!  I know I love my project and can't wait to show you.  Take a look:

So many fun projects!  I hope you will take the time to go check out all of the projects, especially my fun DIY advent calendar complete with a free printable! 

Now I am getting to the REALLY fun part.  This is the part where you get to link up any projects that you have done both past and present that fit the DOOR theme.  The linky party will run from today until Thursday.  We will be showcasing our favorites in a featured post on Friday.  I can't wait to see YOUR projects!

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DIY Valentines Advent Calendar


I am so excited to show you this advent calendar that I made for my girls!  It was so fun to make and Lillie already loves it.  She keeps calling it her "house" and telling me that she LOVES chocolate and that I should put some in there for her to find.  Ha!  She is really going to love helping me open the doors everyday to get a treat for herself and Addie.

Let me show you how I made this cause you are going to want to make one for yourself as well.  You have just enough time to get it ready before Feb 1st.  I have included the printable that I created for you to use and hope that you like it.  You can find the link to the printable below.

Here's what you are going to need:

  • Advent calendar printable  I printed at Costco and it is a 12X12 size. (You are welcome to use this for your own personal use. Printables are for use by subscribers to Just Between Friends only. If you use this tutorial and post about it online, please give proper credit and link back. I would LOVE to see how yours turns out!)
  • Foam core (I got mine at Hobby Lobby.  You can get a really big piece for only $2 over by the framing area.)
  • Xacto knife
  • Mod Podge
  • 3 pieces of 12X12 Cardstock (any color.  It is going to be used for the boxes that hold the treats inside the doors. I used red.)
  • Washi Tape
Let's get started!  Begin by using Mod Podge to attach the printable to the foam core. I glued it to the edge so that I would have minimal cutting to do.


Once it has dried, you will need to cut out the doors.  I cut the pink part only (on the inside of the yellow lines) to make the door. You will need to cut the top and bottom of the door as well as the side of the door that has the heart on it.  Don't cut through the forth side because it is what makes it so that the doors swing open and closed.


Now that you have three sides cut, turn the board over and make sure your cuts went all the way through.  Next I took a straight edge and cut a line from the top to the bottom of each door making sure that you are still on the back side of the board.  You also need to make sure that the cut doesn't go all the way through the foam core.  The only reason you need to make the cut is to help the door open and close.  If it isn't cut, the door doesn't move.


I opened and shut the doors each several times at this point to make sure that things were moving smoothly. 


The next part is really simple.  I wanted to make it so that this was a sort of a shadow box so that the boxes that held the treats inside were protected from little fingers.  I cut strips of foam core that were 2 inches wide and used those for the sides.  I used washi tape to hold it all together.  It was really effective and as an added bonus it is really cute.


When the sides were in place, I used my Silhouette to cut out little boxes to hold the treats.  I just set it so that the middle of the box was the same size as my door. (2 1/4 inches X 1 1/4 inches about.)


I initially was going to use elmers glue and washi tape to put the boxes together, but it took forever and didn't really work very well.  So I pulled out my handy dandy glue gun to finish the rest and it worked like a charm!  It is nice and sturdy and I don't have to worry about it.  


I forgot to get a photo of this, but once all the boxes are in place, I cut another piece of foam board that was big enough to cover the back side of the box and seal the little boxes inside.  I used washi tape to attach it as well.


The last thing that I needed to do was find a way that I could close the doors and then be able to open them easily.  I took a small piece of washi tape, folded over one edge and taped it to the back side of each door.  It created a little handle of sorts that makes it really easy to open each door with.  


It took me probably about an hour and a half to complete this from start to finish.  It was a really fun project to make and it is one that I can use over and over every year.  Let me know if you have any questions about any of this.  I am more than happy to help!  Hope you like it!


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