Friday, December 3, 2010

It's about {Time}!

Camilla from Rosy Red Buttons and I FINALLY got together on a project we have been talking about for a little while now.  I was so excited to be able to join efforts with my seriously talented friend.  We both started our craft blogs about a month apart, and it has been really fun to have someone to chat with about my blog that is actually interested.  (My husband is really patient, but he can only take so much "blog talk" before he tunes out of the conversation. :) 

So after several conversations back and forth about the logistics of how to make it, I think we have come up with a project that is both elegant and totally do-able for anyone. 

Aren't you so excited?

What you need to get started:
1. Your favorite photo (or just one you really like)  I was fortunate to have photos that Camilla actually took for me as well as my sister's engagement photos that Camilla took as well. (I'm telling you....she is talented!)
2. Mod Podge
3. Paint that matches your photo, or a color that contrasts to add a definite border around the clock as well as covers the raw wood.
4. Clock parts (We went to the DI and Salvation Army and bought clocks and took them apart.  Good in theory, but some of them didn't work.  I suggest buying new ones.  Camilla found a four pack at Hobby Lobby for $14.99 and used a 40% off coupon)
5. MDF board.  We used 1/8 inch MDF that was 2 feet by 4 four feet and only cost $2.63.  I had the Home Depot guys cut it down for me.  For this project, we made our clocks 16X16 inches, so we were able to cut three from one board.  We decided to buy two full boards so that we could make them as gifts but only had them cut to 12X12" (you can get 8 out of the board then).

Let's get started!

This post will be a bit back and forth.  Camilla will start by explaining the photo editing:

To edit the pictures I used photoshop CS4. I simply uploaded a picture file and pasted it into a 'new' image that was sized to 16x16 inches and 300 ppi. I also uploaded a template of a clock and used it as a pattern to make sure that I was placing my numbers or markers in the right places. I added some words to the image, and some brush strokes of florals for mine and Jonie's sister. I wanted to keep them pretty simple, but you can use textures if you want as well that also add some flare. This can all be done on photoshop elements as well, and if you don't have photoshop, I hear is a great photo editing site. And if you just want to bag that all together, then I would reccomend just sending a favorite picture to Sams or Cosco (they will do a 12x12) and cropping it onto your board. Then you can use vinyl, stickers, or a stencil for the numbers and name. Some clock kits even come with numbers as well.
After all of the prep work is done, you start by cutting your image to size and take a picture of your incredibly talented, cute and pregnant crafter in crime. 
Then you will need to paint the edges of the board so that when the photo is on it there is no raw wood showing through.

After the paint is dry (very important step) completely cover the wood in mod podge and then attach the photo.  The best way to get rid of those bubbles without ruining your photo is to place something between your hand and the photo that won't stick.  We used parchment paper.

Once the mod podge is set, cover the top of the photo in mod podge.  It will look really scary, but it WILL dry long as you use mod podge and not paint.  if you use paint, then I can't promise anything.

Here are some more of the clocks that we did.  Camilla did one that was subway art for her mom and mom in law.  I love the way they turned out too.
This one is going to take a little more work to finish it because of how dark it is, but I will show you in another post what I do to it.
Let the mod podge dry and then it is time to drill holes for the clock parts to go through.  We measured from corner to corner on both side and marked the middle.  If you go both ways, there should be an X where the hole should go. 

Camilla: Also, the clock sets I bought included a hang up on the back which is super handy because the board is so light. You can also use a picture easel which is equally as cute.

 After the hole is drilled, put the clock together and take a good look at all your hard work.  I made this one for my sister who just got married Nov. 20th.

I love the end result and I think my sister will too.

So now that you know how to make it, go get started!  Christmas is in a couple of weeks!
And Camilla....Let's play again sometime!

Camilla: TOTALLY AGREE :) Happy Crafting! Let us know what you think and if you have any questions!
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Prilla said...

Love love LOVE it! You are amazing!

Ashley Sumsion said...

WOW! Cool! I like that a lot.

The Smith Family said...

Saw this through Tater Tots and Jello. W-O-W. Double W-O-W, thanks for this tutorial!

Ashley Tremaine said...

I'm your newest follower (from blog hop)!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this clock! You did a great job!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea!

I have a huge list of "to-do" projects but my goodness this is going to have to be moved to the top!

Elizabeth said...

Love this idea! Great gift for the grandparents! Would love for you to link up to Made with Love Monday at Sew Chatty!

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

What a cute idea. The Bavarian Christmas linky party is still open-won’t you come and join us at and while you are there join the give-a-ways going on.

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Creative and beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial.

Thank you for linking up to "Amaze Me Monday" blog party. Hope to see you next week!

Sachiko said...

This is way to cool! Thank you for sharing!

Lydia said...

You can imagine my amazement when I saw a clock with my Owen and Charli featured on a U create blog post that showed up in my Reader feed. What an awesome final product! It has been a pleasure stumbling upon your blog.

Susan said...

Do you know someone we can purchase vinyl lettering from? I live in Phoenix? The clock is great - love it

Jonie Marie said...


I know you can order from Shelley at Wonderfully Wordy. I bet there are a ton of people on etsy that would be able to custom make it for you. Good Luck!


Delightful Order said...

Love this! I so want to make one of these. Thanks for sharing.. :)

Katie said...

Thanks for the tutorial!! Love this!!

One in the SAHM said...

Wow - this is SO stinking cute and I just might have to link back to your tutorial on my site for other people to see. I use Picnik and it is WONDERFUL, easy and FREE! PS - totally know what you mean with the husband blog talk...that's why we always need more blog friends. :)

Anonymous said...


I made these this week for Christmas gifts for my family - and they turned out GREAT! I actually ended up making them at the fire station to keep them a secret, and the guys at the station were so impressed with them they asked me to show them how to make their own! Way to get a bunch of firefighters crafting! Thank you so much for a wonderful idea and a BEAUTIFUL finished project.

PamE said...

Beautiful idea for a lot of occasions, but I'm saving it for my daughter's wedding.

thanks for the tutorial

Tracie said...

wow~! love this!

sew grown said...

I found your link over at sew dang cute and love it! I added you as my favorite for the challenge so far on this post.

I can't wait to make one! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I just ran across your blog (not even sure how) and I LOVE it! So glad I found ya, you have some adorable stuff on here. :)

Sabrina from