Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog Swap with Camilla from Rosy Red Buttons

Hey Just Between Friends (friends)! My name is Camilla and I am so excited to be here! Jonie is probably the coolest person I know so I'm pretty stoked she trusts me to take over this blog... so here goes!  I am married to the greatest man EVER (I know you'll probably throw in the vote for your husband, but its just not true) ;) and we are expecting our first child ANY day now. Literally. I may go postal. I take pictures as a profession, can it get any cooler? Yes, my husband digs in the dirt for his. That makes for awesome conversations. I have a little blog called Rosy Red Buttons that I started in Septemberish, about the same time as Jonie. It has been all kinds of fun to do. I started it just because I was going to be doing so many remodels and projects in preperation for our first child, a little girl. She'll make her grand entrance in about a week. *Please.*
I also enjoy decorating and then re-decorating my house, so some of my projects involve that. I recently finished the master bedroom with all the furnishing and decor I wanted and said to my hubby, "Look it's finally finished!" He looked back at me and said, "We'll see." It has sat for 3 months relatively untouched, so I'm pretty happy about that. He is too. Here are some of my favorite projects from this year:
 Ruffled Mobile. I'm super particular about all the colors and patterns in the nursery, so I had to make my own. :)
Personal Picture Clocks. You'll remember seeing these on Jonie's blog because we actually made them together! I have known Jonie since college so it's been way fun to be friends post college life.

Nursery Makeover! Ok, I realize that most of my projects involve baby-ness, but I can't help myself. I can't wait till she's here to fill up this sweet space!
Nursery Furniture Makeover. Oh boy were these ugly before.
 Ruffled Table Runner. Yea, I'm kindof obsessed with ruffles. These can be made as short or long as you need!

Custom Canvas Frames. I smile everytime I see it on my staircase.
I think that is enough to be sufficient for you. Um, did that sentence even make sense? Probably not. I'd love to meet you and see your fun ideas and blogs and have you follow along in my attempts to be a first time parent while crafting. Uh Yikes. Come by and see me at Rosy Red Buttons!  Thanks again Jonie for inviting me over. You rock! Have a great day!!
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Charli Johnston said...

Camilla is amazing. The nursery turned out so cute! Love it.