Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Year

I realized just the other day that I have been doing this blogging thing for over a year now.  (Well, a year and four days.)  It is incredible to think that I have been doing this for so long.  I never thought when I first started this that I would have so many incredible followers and make so many wonderful friends along the way.  There are so many reasons that I am glad that I started this blog, but mostly I am grateful for the way it has pushed me to my creative limits and pushed me to have a project deadline.
I thought that I would just show some of the things that I have done this past year.  Some of you may remember the Crafting with the Stars competition that I participated in.  I was seriously nervous about being a part of it, but was so proud of myself for entering, competing, giving it my all and winning second place.  Here are my projects from all four rounds.

I have also done quite a few sewing projects along the way.  Here a just a few of the things that I have made.

I also have done a bit of building with wood.  I never thought that I would pick up power tools and be able to do anything with them, but I am quite proud of these projects.

Thank you to all of you who have inspired me to keep creating and for offering encouragement along the way.  I read each and every comment that is left on my blog and they all mean so much to me.  I'm sure you have all noticed that my posting has seriously decreased lately.  Life is just busy, and I am trying to find that happy median that will allow me to post the projects that I work on, because I have tons of projects to show you.  The process of making the project while taking pictures and blogging about it takes up tons of time and I am just trying to find that time.  So if you'll stick around, I promise to have some new projects posted. 

Thanks again for following along on my crafting adventure.

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Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

What a fun year Jonie! I'm so happy to have met you. Finding a balance is such a tough thing- especially because as soon as you think you've found it, something changes. ;) Hope things are going well. We need to meet up soon!