Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day #4 {Flip}

I decided to do a treat that my husband would enjoy more than candy, and that my could still be enjoyed by my daughter as well.  These fliptz pretzels were on sale at Smith's 10 for $10.  I didn't think my daughter needed to have a whole bag to herself, so I gave one bag to my husband and then opened the other bag to split between two treat bags.

The tags are very simple to make.  I printed out the words on regular computer paper, then attached the paper to red cardstock leaving a little space on the side.  Then I cut a strip off of my Valentine paper I got from Hobby Lobby and attached it to the space.  I used a glue stick to do all of the attaching.

Last, I just used a little tape to put it on the bag and wah-lah!  A fun Valentine that I am sure anyone would love.
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