Monday, April 23, 2012

Coffee Filter Wreath

I know.  You are probably rolling your eyes thinking, "Not another coffee filter wreath!"  It has been done about a million times all over the place BUT, I've never done one and I really wanted to try it out.  Plus mine has a little bit of a different technique to it that I think you will like. 

It's all about the color options!  You can literally make your wreath any color you would like it to be.  This was so easy, a little time consuming, but super easy. 

Let's get started.  You being by taking a stack of coffee filters and folding them in half, then in half again.  You will then cut a scallop on the edge of the fliters.  This will give a more feminine and dainty look than if you were to leave it with the solid edge.

After you get the filters cut, you are going to dip the scalloped edge into a mixture containing water and acrylic paint.  You can literally have your wreath be any color you want!  Here's a little guide for you though.  When you first start, the more water you have mixed with the paint, the lighter the end color will be.  As you are dying the filters, the water will be soaked out of the container leaving more paint and less water.  It makes it so that the end color is more saturated.  If you want to have a consistent color throughout all of the flowers, just be mindful of how much water is left.

Once you have dipped the filters in the paint, I seperated the individual filters and laid them out to dry on some paper towels.  Before they are completely dry, I molded them into the flowers and twist the ends to help it hold it's shape while it finished drying.  (see step 4 in photo above)

When the flower is mostly dry, I wrapped some wire around the base and then secured it to the wreath form.  I tried securing it with just the wire, but I soon realized that even if I wrapped wire around, the flowers still move.  I ended up waiting for it to be even more dry and then used hot glue to secure the flowers in place.  It was much more effective.

I finished off the wreath with some fun felt flowers and then hung it on my door.

What do you think?  The possibilities are really endless with this and it makes a big impact whether you hang it on your door outside, or even somewhere in your home. 

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Shannon Quinn @ At Least My Nails Look Good said...

Looks wonderful:)

Stephanie said...

Pretty! I did one kind of like this too, but it still looks different :)

Also, I loved meeting you at SNAP!