Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thought of the Week {3}

I've been thinking a lot about my weight lately.  When I got married, I weighed 20 lbs less than I do now.  I hate that.  Of course I have gone through 2 pregnancies and it has been 5 1/2 years since I got married, but still. 

My husband and I have challenged ourselves to lose the weight.  We want to get to where we used to be which is totally do-able, but a ton of work.  I am finding that the hardest part is starting.  I don't have a specific plan of what I should do to lose the weight which is probably why my attempts have been half hearted.  This is where I am coming to you.  I am putting myself out there by even telling you this because frankly it is embarrasing.  I just know that if I tell all of you this that I will be more accountable, and that maybe there will be someone that can help.  I would love any advice or tips that you have.  One thing to keep in mind is that I can't limit my calories too far because I am still nursing my baby. 

If you are in the same boat, email me.  We will do this together.  Seriously.  I am ready for a change, how about you?
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Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

Sparkpeople is a great website and they have a phone app for tracking your calories. Even if you are nursing, chances are you are consuming more than you need to. Couch to 5k is also a great program to start a workout regimen that isn't too taxing, but gets you running.
No matter what you do- know you are already beautiful, no matter what you weigh.

The Conrad Family said...

I am totally in the same boat...except I have 40-50 pounds to lose! It is seriously so hard! I am having the hardest time finding the motivation to get started! I have zero advice but I sure will be there as a support if you need it. If you get any great ideas let me know!
Also...I think you are BEAUTIFUL no matter what!! You can do anything you set your mind to because you are just that amazing! Love you!!

Sam said...

Definitely with you on this one and still struggling along. I went with Weight Watchers for a while, started ok but got a bit bored with writing every little thing down. Two things that stuck with me is portion sizes (mine were way too big) and drinking water - need to drink regularly, you'll feel bloated at first but it gets easier. Sam xx

Danielle said...

I hate dieting but I've done the 8 weeks to a better you challenge four times now. It worked really well. check out the website 8weekstoabetteryou.blogspot.com to see what we did for the 8 weeks. I lost over 30 pounds between the first few challenges. Never mind i've gained a lot of it back since I stopped doing it,b ut it was effective and fast results, while not having to limit calories.

Kimmi Rea said...

Read the Four Hour Body!! It is really "do-able"...it takes some commitment but I really believe in it and have seen it work! It turns into more of a lifestyle by the time you get into it. In order to get our butts motivated we signed up for a half marathon...that seemed to do the trick. Yikes!