Sunday, June 17, 2012

Crochet by Allie

I was recently contacted by Allie who is the owner of Crochet by Allie.  Allie sells all sorts of cute crocheted items that she makes by hand.  I wanted to share with you my entire experience from ordering to receiving my purchase in the mail because I think it was one of the best I've ever had!

I was able to choose one hat and one hair clip from the site to review.  I didn't realize just how hard that was going to be!  Talk about eye candy!  There are so many adorable hats and they are all customizable! 

These character hats are so fun.  You can customize both the color and the size.  Plus, if you order the monster hat, you can choose how many eyes, teeth, horns etc.  I love the options!

If you aren't into character hats, no biggie.  There are some other adorable options for everyday wear as well. 

After I chose the hat (I will show you which one I chose in a minute) I started looking at the hair accessories.  These are adorable as well.  I don't think I can say enough how much I love these.

Once I had made my choice, I ordered through the site and was pleasantly surprised by how easily I was able to choose all of my colors and sizing.  I checked out and waited for my items to arrive.  Little did I know that Allie would have the hat and bow made and sent to me 5 days later!  I was so impressed.  She was very fast in her delivery, and was so great to work with.

Now, the best part.  Here is what I ordered.  I got the Pom Pom Posh hat, and a cute bow in turquoise.  Allie even threw in a cute little flower bobby pin!

I like to refer to the hat as Lillie's pom pom hat of rainbow cuteness.  My items were VERY well made.  The quality was so impressive and the yarn is awesome!  I love the colors.  I just love it.  The bow is adorable too!  I was able to choose which type of clip I wanted on the back, and chose the alligator type clip.  It is perfect for me to use either in my daughter's hair, or even on a headband.  Love, love these!  And because I couldn't NOT show you how cute Lillie looks in her new hat, here's some cuteness for your viewing pleasure.

If you have been looking for a fun gift to give, or to buy for your own littles, I would definitely recommend Crochet by Allie as the place to go.  You will not be disappointed!

Check back tomorrow where there will be a fun giveaway from Allie!  You won't want to miss it!
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Crochet By Allie said...

Very Adorable! After making your pom pom hat, it turned out so great with the colors you chose, that I had to make the exact same for my daughter!