Friday, June 22, 2012

Patriotic Hair Bow Tutorial

 These hair bows are the perfect accessory for parades, family picnics, and firework watching during the fourth of July celebrations. 

They are so cute and easy to make that you once you start, you will want to keep going. Let's get started!

Cardstock paper (3 inches wide)
Needle & thread
Hot glue
Hair clip

1. Cut your cardstock to be 3 inches wide.  The height doesn't really matter.
2. Cut your ribbon at an angle and heat seal the edges with a flame.  This just makes it so the bow won't fray.  Then, I layered my ribbons one on top of the other and started to wrap it around the cardstock.  (only wrap twice)
3. You should cut the ribbon so that the end is the same distance from the edge of the paper as it was on the opposite end. 
4. While holding the middle of the bow, pull the edges of the ribbon up to form the bow shape.
5. Use a running stitch along the middle of the bow.
6. Pull the running stitch tight and then wrap the string around the middle several times to make sure that it is very secure.
7. Tie a not in a piece of coordinating ribbon. 
8.  Hot glue the not to the center of the bow.
9.  Attach the hair clip to the bow by clipping it to the ribbon and then hot gluing to the bow. Trim the excess pieces of ribbon and make sure to heat seal all edges.

Now you can attach it to a headband, or make two and use them in some cute little piggy tails.  Either way, these are really adorable and fun bows for any little girl to wear!

I know I love them!

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Michele Pacey said...

That is one cute hair bow (for a very sweet baby)!