Thursday, July 26, 2012

Miracle Treat Day

One thing that I love about blogging is the ability to share things quickly.  Especially when those things are things that help others.

Today is Miracle Treat Day.  What is that, you might be asking?  Let me tell you!  Dairy Queen and the Children's Miracle Network have teamed up to find a way to raise money for children in need.  Today only, if you buy a Blizzard at any participating Dairy Queen, they will donate $1 to help a child in need!  AND if you go over to their Facebook page and RSVP by clicking join, they will donate an additional $1.  This is a total win-win situation.  You get delicious ice cream, AND you get to donate to a cause that helps precious little children.

If you want to join in on more fun and have Instagram, take a picture buying or eating your blizzard and use the hashtag #miracletreatday.  Even if you don't make it over there, you can still join in by checking out all the fun pics that are linked up throughout the day!  

You won't regret it, just go do it!

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