Monday, July 9, 2012

Wall Art Part 2

 Several weeks ago, I promised to show you what I hung with my family photo wall art.  Today is the day!  I finally got a tutorial written and am so excited to show you how it all looks!  Here is how my room looks all together.

This is how I made the frames:  I started with a 1X4 piece of wood and a piece of fancy trim molding.  I simply cut the wood at a 45 degree angle to create a square.  I did the same for the molding. The insides of the frames are cut to be 8 inches square, which makes the outsides about 14 inches square. I used wood glue to hold the pieces all together. Then I used a wood filler on the joints so that it was nice and seamless and sanded it.  Last, I painted the frame yellow and the trim white.  I used wood glue to hold those together.  

I cut the molding so that the trim hangs over the edge of the frame which created a perfect place to hold a photo.  

The metal piece above came from Hobby Lobby.  I got in on sale for $15 when it was normally $39!  What a steal!  I love it.  

This space is slowly coming together, but I am pleased with it so far.  Someday I will say "I think it will stay like this now."  Today is not that day.  Wanna see what I mean?  I am always adjusting and re-adjusting things.  Here are my current thoughts about what should be different.

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me.  It has definitely come a long way, and I feel like it morphs with my maturing style. (is there such a thing) I still don't think it is a true reflection of what I love though.  A little at a time.

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stephanie said...

Where did you get that beautiful rug?

Derek and Emily said...

There is something so cute everywhere you turn in your house! Love it!

Lorene (just Lu) said...

I love the layout! And I'm with Stephanie -- I love the rug! Where did you get it?

Jonie Marie said...

I got the rug from the Urban Outfitters online store. They have a ton of really great rugs for really affordable prices.