Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Growing Up

I am getting old.  It's something I just have to come to terms with.  Let me show you examples to show you what I mean.

This little girl....Ya, she's old enough to be in school. It blows my mind. (She loved her first day though, and I think she will do so well in her class!)

And this little girl.....She says "no" and is trying to walk.  She shouldn't be old enough to do that. Can I just freeze this sweet little face?  She is growing up too fast.

If they are both growing up too fast, then there is only one conclusion.  I'm growing up too. Well, my body is. Just because my body is getting older doesn't mean that I have to act older, right? Good. Now that we have that cleared up, there are a couple of things that I wanted to share with you.  

*You know these awesome JCrew necklaces (like the one I'm wearing in the photo above)?  I got mine for super cheap, and I thought I would share the link with you so you can buy your own.  I'm just super nice like that. (No, I am not getting any compensation for this link.) I have seen them sell for ridiculous prices, but you can buy it here for $12.89! They have all sorts of colors available.

*The Blogiversary Bash giveaways are still going!  If you haven't entered, you should! If you look at the pic of my daughter up above, she is wearing a bow like the ones I am giving away.  Now that you've seen them in action, you are gonna want it.

*I may be biased..... my daughters are beautiful.

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1 comment:

collette said...

They ARE beautiful!
And you're not old until your oldest is in high school, and your baby begins first grade. Then you're old. :)