Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life is Funny Sometimes

It's been a while since I checked in.  You know, like about life in general.  I know you are probably dying for me to skip all the blabber and just show you adorable pictures of my girls, right?  Well, we will get to that.  There is plenty of adorable-ness going on at my house.

There are so many things that I say in a day that I never thought I would.  Literally every. single. day. I say something that I think, "I never would have put those words together if it weren't for my kids. Ever."  When you combine it with the things that are said back to me, it's just plain laughable.  I figure we all say things that looking back are really amusing, and I thought maybe we could share some and laugh together.  Who's with me?

Ok, here's a few of my latest.

Me (to Lillie) "You can't run around naked. People will be here any minute."
Lillie "It's ok mom.  I will hide in here."
Me "You can't just hide.  You need to get dressed.  No one wants to see your bum."
Lillie "Why?"
Me "Because it's not modest, because I said so, because I'm the mom, and because you will get sick if you don't."

Really.  I went there.  This isn't even the weirdest conversation we have had today.

Oh, here's a good story that happened just yesterday. I walked into the bathroom to Lillie wiping her nose.
Lillie "My nose has something on it."
Me- wipes Lillie's nose, throws away wipe, and starts to walk out the door.
Lillie "It's hurting.  Something is hurting inside my nose."
Me -walks back into the bathroom and looks inside Lillie's nose.  "What the heck?  What is that!"
Lillie "I don't know"
Me- sees a spongy matter inside Lillie's nose and grabs the tweezers to remove.  What looked like a little tiny piece of sponge turned out to be a one inch piece of foam from our love sac. "What? Why? How?"
Lillie "I don't know"
Me " We do NOT put things in our nose. Especially pieces of foam."

The jury is still out on why that happened because we can all assume the "how" of that one.

Have you ever noticed that when you are telling your kids things they can't do that you say "we" instead of saying "you"?  Things like "We do not hit our sister with a fork." or "We do not wrap washi tape around chairs."  Can you relate?

This little cutie is learning how to be a tease.  It is guaranteed that as soon as the diaper comes off for me to change her that she will crawl away as fast as she can while giggling.  Then she will hide until she sees you coming and then will crawl the other way.  She will also pretend like she is going to give you something and then move it out of the way.  

She is so busy that I don't even know what to do with her some days, but then there are sweet moments where you can't help but grin and feel so blessed that you have two healthy and beautiful girls.  I love their sweet relationship and hope that they remain friends always. 


That is your personal update from me about my cute girlies which is also incidentally an update on my life right now since they are my world.

Send me your best funny mom/kid conversations.  I am dying to hear them!

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The Conrad Family said...

Last week Aidan came home from school and in this wistful voice says, "Mom, I fell in love!! Her name us Amber!" I said, "Really? Well is she a nice girl?" He said, "Oh yeah...she is perfect!" Then I laughed my butt off!! Three days later he fell out of love with Amber and in love with Brooklyn. I think we may have trouble with this kid!!

jessie said...

Shae, that is too funny! I love little kids.. My sister told me a funny one the other day- her daughter came into her office, very distraught, and declared "Mom, I have two legs!" Apparently one of her pant legs to her pants was tucked into the other, so there was no way for her to wear them with two legs. :) It made me laugh. I like when you blog about these cutie girls of yours, Jonie.