Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pantry Jars

I have been wanting to make these jars for a while now, but just got around to doing it today. 

This is {part of} my pantry:

And these are the jars:

The jars came from Walmart for $7 each.

I cut the vinyl myself using my cricut and my new favorite program, Sure Cuts A Lot.  When I heard about this program I knew I needed it.  I never have to buy another cartridge for my cricut.  It can use any font that I have programed on my computer and it can cut out nearly any shape you can imagine.  I have been having a lot of fun with it and am using it on my latest project.  I hope to have it done tomorrow so that I can post about it.  You are definitely going to want to see it!

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Katie said...

so cute. i have been looking for jars like that lately, i'll have to make a trip to walmart.


David & Jessica said...

so cute! I need to make those too! You inspire me!!

Heather H said...

So my birthday is Jan 12th just in case you needed to know when to have some cute jars made for me! ;) I LOVE them!! I need one for candy.