Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some Changes

With the beginning of the new year, I have decided that this blog needs some changes.  Along with the blog makeover I did, I have decided to designate certain days of the week to be things that will happen every week so that you can know what to expect.  Here is what I am thinking:
Must Make Monday:  This is the day that I am going to feature YOU!  I am going to be looking for tutorials and crafts that I love so much that I just MUST make it. If you would like to submit a project to be featured, please email me at  I would love to see what you've got!

Tasty Tuesday:  I feel like I get stuck in a rut with the food I feed my family every week.  I have my fall back dinners, but they have become my every week dinners.  So I thought it would be good to have one day a week to try a new recipe.  I will try the recipe out, post pictures and tell you if it's worth trying or not.  Some weeks may be tasty, some may not.  Hopefully there will be more that is tasty (for my family's sake). 

Whatever Wednesday:  I am reserving Wednesday for anything that I want.  It can be a tutorial, a picture, a random thought, whatever.  That is the point.  I am going to do whatever I feel like doing.

Trendy Thursday:  I really like to remake clothing or try my hand at knock offs of clothing.  So this will be the day to show you some of the clothes that I make either from a pattern or just one that I make up as I go.

Frugal Friday:  Crafts are expensive, but there a lot of things that you can make for not a lot of money.  I am dedicating Fridays to making crafts under $10.  I will be searching every dollar section and thrift store in the area to find crafts that are both cute and inexpensive.  There will be a tutorial and cost breakdown for every craft so that you can go out and make it yourself.  I also may occasionally show you some thrift store make overs of things that I have found/bought and fixed up.  

Signing out Saturday:  I am going to try to get away from the computer and spend some time with my family.  I think you should too!  So, sign out of that blogger, email, twitter and facebook account and go do something fun.  You'll be glad you did.

Showcase Sunday:  I will be telling you about my awesome sponsors or doing product reviews/giveaways on Sunday.  If you would like to be one of those awesome sponsors, click my advertising button above or go here.  I will also be swapping blogs, so if you are interested in swapping with me, send me an email to 

I am excited for the changes and hope you like it too!  I would love to hear your thoughts about it, or if you have suggestions those are always welcome.  
And just because a post is always better with a picture, here you go:
Here's to changes and a great New Year!  Thanks for reading my blog!
(with sparkling cider)
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Peggy said...

I'm excited to hear all your new recipe reviews! I have the hardest time coming up with good new stuff to eat.