Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blogging Awards

I am honored to have been awarded 2 of these:

and 1 of these:

Thank you to the sweet ladies who awarded me with these awards!  Here are some links to their blogs.

How does this award work?  I'm so glad you asked!
  • *Thank and link back to the person who bestowed the award on you.
  • *Share seven random things about yourself.
  • *Nominate 15 other bloggers (share the love!!)
  • *Contact the bloggers and inform them of the award.
Here are some random facts about me.  (In case you need some random facts about me at some point in your life)  Does anyone else have a really hard time coming up with random facts?  Just wondering.

1.  I love to read sappy, totally fictional books. Case and point..... Twilight?  loved it. 

2.  Sherlock Holmes is one of my most favorite movies of all time. 

3.  Growing up, I always wanted a middle name.  Some of you might be thinking, "I thought your middle name was Marie?" Well,'s not.  My dad always used to tell us that our last name was our middle name and that we would get our last name when we got married.  I used to sign everything using Marie as my middle name though because I wanted a middle name so bad.  It became a family joke really.  One year for Christmas, my mom got me a Hymn book with my name inscribed on the front as Jonie Marie Rosdahl.  My dad told her that he didn't have a daughter by that name and that we would need to get it changed.  It was hilarious.  I still have it, and I still sign my name as Jonie Marie every chance I get.

4.  I got my first cell phone when I was 18 years old and had gone to college.  I think now-a-days I would be laughed at. 

5.  I worked at Cold Stone for three years.  I loved it!  I was always the best at singing the songs when people tipped us.  Although, whenever my roommates or friends came in, I would suddenly feel really red in the face and I would start sweating if they tipped us.  In front of strangers though....I rocked.

6.  I hate apple juice.  I think it is because when I was younger I only drank it when I was sick.  So now, if I try to drink it, my body just feels sick. 

7.  I'm not very good at following directions. :)

I think that is probably more about me than you would ever want to know, but there you have it.  Now to award some VERY deserving ladies both the stylish blogger and versatile blogger awards.
1. Camilla @ Rosy Red Buttons
4. Char @ Crap I've Made
5. Michelle @ a Little Tipsy
6. Amy @ The Idea Room
7. Mari @ In my Own Words
I know I only chose 7 people.  I may come back and choose more later.  Just refer to random fact #7.  It explains a lot. :) 
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Michelle said...

Hey girly! Thanks for the awards! Oh and you are not alone with the cell phone thing. I was 18 and in college too. Mine was only for emergencies when driving through the canyon for work. ha ha. Even now I have a totally ghetto flip phone. At a conference Char said, "who uses a flip phone anymore?" and then a few min later my hubs called and I pulled mine out. Nerd alert.;) My beehives have better phones than me.

Tricia said...

We all like random facts about you because we think you are awesome! I remember you at Cold Stone...good times! I hear you on the juice thing, but for me its grape juice.
Thanks for sharing!

Mari said...

Ah, Jonie Marie! ;) I feel so cool; thanks for remembering me even now that you're super famous. And don't worry, I didn't get my cell phone until I was 21. I was pretty much the coolest friend anyone had.

Heather H said...

I love that your dad said you would get your last name when you got married! (I didnt have a middle name until I was married either, but my parents just couldnt agree on a middle name) And for me the drink I cant stand is clear soda like Ginger Ale cause we only got it when we were sick, too!!

Stacy said...

Thanks! How fun to learn more about you!!! I still don't have a cell phone and I am 31 :)

Ashley Sumsion said...

That's what you won? A button? Rip off.

Marie C. said...

I loved reading more about you! And I relate to your #4 -- I was a teacher for years before I got a cell phone & all my kids thought it was weird. I finally broke down and got one when we moved far away from my work and I was driving over 100 miles a day -- didn't want a chance of breaking down on the side of the road and needing to walk to find a pay phone!

Katie Lane said...

I loved your list. Especially the cold stone part.
Congrats, your blog is awesome!

Dacia said...

So fun to read your 7 things about you. No worries about the cel phone, we're not planning on giving our children one until their at least 18 :) They're still young, so we'll see if we actually can get away with that!

Amy {The Idea Room} said...

So fun to read about you. Thanks for including me in that fun list! I really appreciate it! I am not great at following rules either!