Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Challenge Completed

About a week ago, there was a challenge issued to take a Pottery Barn basket liner and turn it into something else.  I decided to take on the challenge and this is what I came up with.  First, let me show you kind of what I started with.  I didn't take a picture, and I can't find the exact liners on the PB website.  I was given the x-large linen liner without a pattern on it.

I decided to make a tote bag.  The liner is made of linen, so it posed a little challenge in that it was super flimsy.  To make it so that it was durable, I bought some extra firm interfacing and lined the bag with another fabric.  Now it is really durable and cute to boot. 

I just used leftover fabric that I had combined with the linen from the liner.  So the only cost was the interfacing!  Can I just say I love a good inexpensive project?!

The bag took forever for me to make because I had to cut out the linen so that it would last for the whole bag, cut out the interfacing, and cut out my fabric to be the right sizes.  I also was just making up the pattern as I went so it took me some thinking to get through it all.

In the end, I love my bag!  It measures about 16 inches by 12 inches so it can hold plenty of stuff (which is a necessity around our house.)

Thanks so much to Trissta for issuing the challenge and allowing me to play along!
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Trissta said...

Awesome!! Great job!! Thanks for being willing to create something awesome! I'll be linking up by Monday!

Much Love,

Colleen said...

This looks really pretty and I especially LOVE the shirring... I think that's the word anyway. :)