Sunday, July 10, 2011


These types of signs have been popping up all over blog land lately, and I decided that it was exactly what my front door needed.

I used a black frame I had lying around and spray painted it red.  Then using various papers I made the welcome pennant and pinwheels. 

It was so easy and it adds a fun pop of color that says come on in.....unless you're a solicitor.  Then you're not welcome. 

I think it goes so well with my fun planter shelf, but am rethinking the placement of the No Soliciting Sign.  Maybe I should make a sign that goes next to the door instead of having it on the door.

Just as a way of updates, my husband and I have been working on finishing our backyard.  The previous owners never put in sprinklers or grass or anything.  I am excited to show you what we have done so far.  Maybe later this week I will get some pictures taken and posted. 
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Luminosity Photography said...

That's so cute!! I need to make all these cute things sometime! Love it!