Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day #11 "Owl"-ways

The Valentine for today was also found via pinterest.  You can find my pin here but unfortunately there is no link attached to the pin, just a picture.

Anyway, I thought these were so cute and just had to give them a try. 

I used cardstock to cut out all the pieces and then used a glue stick to attach them together.  I just drew the basic shapes onto the cardstock and once I had the right shape, I used that as a pattern to make the other one. 

The treat bags are actually just little zip lock bags that I got from Pick Your Plum.  I'm totally "green" like that. 

On the back I attached the saying, "I'll "Owl"-ways love you!

I think they turned out pretty stinkin cute.  If there is anyone that is interested in a printable pattern for these, I could try to figure out how to upload it onto here.  If no one is interested, I'm not going to take the time :)  Just let me know.

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Monica Baker said...

I would love the pattern can you send it to my email?

Monica Baker said...