Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Quote-able

I can't lie.  Finally getting to some of my pinned projects has been so fun for me this month.  I can't wait to show you the project I picked as my Point of View Project, but for now, I will show you a simple project that anyone could do.

I found this quote on pinterest and knew that I needed it somewhere in my house.  My life lately has been very sweet.  I haven't been so happy, so in love, so at peace, and so able to be a good mom in such a long time.  My relationship with my husband and my children is at a perfect peak, and I love it.  I feel like I am able to do so much more as a wife and mother than I ever have before.  I don't think any one thing has changed, except maybe my attitude and my outlook on life. 

My family is the most important thing in the world for me.  This quote is helping me to keep that in perspective.  I have all sorts of projects that I love that I have done around my house, but I love the people in my home more than any project I have ever done.  So, even though I want to spend an entire day or even a weekend finishing my craft room and master bedroom, I would rather take it one little project at a time and spend time with my husband and my girls. 

Now that I have told you why I like the quote, let me tell you how I made it really quick like. 

I simply used a scrap piece of 8 in X 11 1/4 in wood that I had in the garage, sanded it, painted it and let it dry.  Then I cut the vinyl out using my Silhouette machine and attached it to the wood. 


If you are interested in making this sign in your own home, but don't have access to a vinyl machine, I would be happy to cut one out for you.  The cost for the vinyl would be $8.00 including shipping.  (if you are international, please add $1 to the price.)  Just email me and I will get it sent out to you.

Also, if you are interested in following along on my pinterest boards, you are more than welcome to.  If you aren't signed up for pinterest yet, what are you waiting for?  Send me an email and I will help you get set up!
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