Sunday, March 18, 2012


This next pinterest project was a lot of fun for me to do.  I really enjoy making jewlery, and don't get the opportunity to do it enough.  When I saw this pin for this necklace from Jcrew, I really wanted it.  Imagine my sadness when I clicked over and it was no longer available.

 Instead of letting it get me down, I decided to make one of my own.  Here's how I did it in case you would like to make one too.

*Pearls- all different sizes. (or you could do them all the same size.  I like the way it looks with the varying sizes.
*Wire cutters/needle nose pliers
*Bead Pins
*Jump Rings

You begin by putting a pearl onto the bead pin.  Cut the pin down to size and curl the pin so that there is a loop remaining.

Place a jump ring through the loop and then attach to the chain anywhere. 

Repeat about a thousand times.  Just kidding....sort of.

You can start attaching pearls to the other pearls to make the necklace start to be longer. 

I laid the necklace down frequently to be able to see if it looked balanced and to know where to put the next pearl.

I decided I wanted my necklace to come to a point in the middle with the largest pearls.

After I had the pearls arranged the way I wanted them to be, I made sure that the chain was even on either side of the pearls, attached a jump ring, then attached more chain to make the necklace the length I wanted it to be around my neck.

Last, I attached a jump ring on one end, and a clasp on the other as a closure for the necklace.

I really am pleased with the results.  I think I like mine even better than the one I found at Jcrew.  Plus, it was really inexpensive to make since I already had all the stuff I needed to make it, right in my craft room closet.  (I will show you my craft room someday.)

Please let me know if you have any questions or if anything was unclear. 

Also, just a reminder that our Point of View reveal will be this Friday!  If you think this project is great, wait till you see my project for POV!  I love it!
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Leanne said...

I love your necklace and it is better than the original. I need to start making more jewelry again.