Monday, March 12, 2012

Monogram Baby Blanket

My sister had a baby 6 weeks after I did.  I can't even tell you how fun it has been to first of all be pregnant the same time as my sister, but also we both had little girls!  Girls are just so easy and fun to make things for.  This is my sister's first baby and my first niece.  So I bought the stuff to make a blanket for my daughter and decided to just get double and make one for my niece as well.  These are so easy and quick to make!
To make one of these on your own, you will need:
1/2 yard of minky fabric
1/2 yard of a knit, fleece or flannel fabric (a soft cotton would work as well)
4 yards of ric-rac
Some solid colored fabric ( I used some pink knit fabric I had on hand)
Wonder under (or some kind of double sided adhesive backing)
First thing you need to do is lay the fabrics down and make sure they are the same size and that the cuts are straight.
To make the monogram, you can print out a giant letter "a" then pin it to the pink fabric and cut it out.  Before you cut it out though, attach the adhesive backing to the pink fabric.  It will make it so that it is a little more stiff and easier to cut out.  Once you have the letter cut out, iron it onto the knit fabric wherever you think it would look best.  I like the bottom right corner.
Sew the ric-rac to the top fabric.

Put right sides together of both the minky fabric as well as the knit making sure the ric rac is on the inside.  Stitch all the way around making sure the edges match up.
Leave a space to make it so that you can flip right side out.  Make sure to poke the corners out and pin the opening shut. 
Then take a top stitch around the whole blanket to finish it off.
The last step is to do a top stitch around your monogram.  It will help keep the blanket together and it keeps the monogram from falling off.
In the end, you have a simple and cute blanket that fits just right around your new little baby and is the perfect size to put on the baby in the car seat!

I also made some bigger blankets as well.  I used the same intructions, but used one yard of both fabrics and 5 yards of ric rac to make it.  It is a great size that will fit your child for a lot longer.  These really make great gifts!
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Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

Darling fabrics Jonie- and I love the look with the giant ric rac on the edges. Fun and simple. :)

Danette said...

I love these blanks! Especially the sock monkey one! ;)