Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whitney Farms Organic Soil

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You may remember that I am in the process of getting an incredible garden.  We have made the planter boxes and are trying to figure out the best soil to put in them.  After doing a little research, I am thinking organic is the way to go and Whitney Farms® organic soil is definitely a great option.
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One concern I have had about using organic soil is the manure smell.  Growing up, we had a huge corn field, and when my dad would say that he had gotten compost to add into the soil, I would groan a little because I knew what was in it.  Yuck.  After reading a little about Whitney Farms® I have found out that they not only don't have the manure smell, but it has many things that would be perfect for a garden.  The soil has little to no dust, it's easy to apply, contains beneficial microbes, and it contains specially designed protein-based blends which provide your plants with all of the nutrients they need to grow and thrive!  Doesn't that sound like the perfect soil to add into my lovely garden boxes?  I can't wait till they are filled with dirt and plants and growing!

One thing I would like to do is make my own salsa with my own fresh vegetables.  That is really what my goal is for this garden, and so I want to make sure that my family is going to get the best and safest soil to grow those vegetables in.  This organic plant food looks like it would be a perfect choice to grow my plants in.
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If you would like to try out some Whitney Farms® organic soil, here is a  $3.00 off coupon for you to use in your purchase.  Just click this Whitney Farms® link and it will take you to the coupon.   
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