Thursday, September 13, 2012

Easy Christmas Gifts

I realize that Christmas is a long way away, but why not start planning now for the holidays?  These ideas are some of my favorite that I have ever seen as far as neighbor gifts go.  I even have FREE PRINTABLES to go along with them!  It doesn't get any easier for you than this!

This first one is my all time favorite.  "You're gettin "Muffin" for Christmas."  Seriously clever, right?  I didn't come up with the saying, but I did make the printable.  Just click the link below to print your own tags.  I used the yummiest muffin mix out there.  Ghirardelli double chocolate muffins to be exact.  They are yummy! Plus who wouldn't love a nice chocolately muffin?

To make it a little nicer than just slapping a label on a box, I used some brown packaging and wrapped it around the box so that you could still see that it was a muffin mix.  Then I used a rectangle of red card stock and attached it on top of the brown packaging.  Last, I tied some red bakers twine around that, and finished it with the printable.  It is a simple packaging, but one that I think looks really nice!

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You're Getting Muffin for Christmas
Twizz the Season to be Jolly

This next gift idea is another one that I think is SO clevah. (You know, like clever, but clevah instead.)  This is really easy to put together and really inexpensive.  All you need to do is get some ribbon, print off the printable (link above), and attach it to the licorice.  I did glue the printable onto some black card stock to give it a more finished look.  That's it!  So cute!

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