Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall/ Thanksgiving Wood Stacker

You know those weeks that just don't quite go as planned?  That would sum up my week in a nut shell.  I meant to get this posted yesterday, but as it turns out, my girls both have hand foot and mouth.  It has been a rough couple of days, and I am just glad that they are both sleeping at the same time so that I can type this up really quickly.

Enough of that.  You are here to see a cute craft.  This is another one of the wood kits that was sent to me by Fabdecor.  (If you missed the last two, you can find the pumpkins here, and the fall words mini stacker here.) This is a great project for those that like to decorate for different holidays and seasons, but don't have the space to store it all.  It is a double sided stacker!

It is pretty basic to make these yourself, which is what makes them so great, but here is a little mini tutorial for you on how I did mine.

I started with the wood kit.  I painted the blocks a light orange, dark orange, and cream.  Then I applied my vinyl.  This is where my tutorial might differ from others.  I decided that it would be fun to add glitter to the turkey and the pumpkin.  All you need to do it take a mini paintbrush and using mod podge, paint along the vinyl where you would like the glitter to go.  I recommend doing it in smallish sections because the glue will dry.  The glitter gives it a fun texture and sparkle that really makes it even more cute.  The turkey I coated quite a bit with the glitter, but the pumpkin I just dusted it with it.  Make sure that if you do use the glitter that you use some kind of sealer spray on it so that the glitter doesn't get everywhere.

I finished off the blocks by rubbing a wood stain on the edges and a quick swipe across the words.  Then I tied it all together with some tulle and some FABULOUS yellow houndstooth ribbon.  I bought this ribbon from Walmart (of all places) in the dollar bin about a year and a half ago.  I haven't found a project that I wanted to use it on until now.  I think it works really well with the fall and thanksgiving blocks.

If you would like to purchase the wood kit yourself, you can go to Fabdecor and purchase the full set including both sides, or you can purchase just one side.  Pretty cool!

OR you can enter to win one!  Head over to to enter to win one of THREE sets being given away! Good Luck!
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