Sunday, September 9, 2012

Favorite Things Party Recap

 I learned a very valuable lesson last week.  When your husband is out of town hunting, it is the perfect time to throw a fun party with some of your girlfriends.  I was a little nervous about having the party, but I thought the idea sounded so fun that I just had to do it.  I invited some of my neighbors and blogging friends over and we had a blast!

Here's how the party goes.  Everyone that comes brings 5 of their favorite thing.  You can choose to do five different things, but we went with five of the same thing.  Once everyone is there, you all get five slips of paper that you will write your name on and then you place the paper by the five things you want the most.  We then went through, and all the items that had five or less papers next to it were given to all the people that wanted them.  If there were more than five people that wanted an item, we drew five names out and then the other people went and chose a different prize.  It seemed to work out well for us.

There were so many great things brought to the party that it was hard to choose!  Do you want to see what I mean?  Here's what everyone brought:

1. Spray Paint (assorted colors) 2. Grab bag with favorite things to put in a purse  3. Witches Shoe DIY craft

1. Serving Bowls with cookies & recipe 2. A delicious sugar high :) 3. Mini Cupcake Stand w/ cupcake from Sweet Tooth Fairy

1. Sonic Gift Card   2. Grab Bag of Fun   3. Yarn (assorted colors)

1. Hand soap from Bath and Body Works    2. Oversized Ruler Growth Charts

Another fun thing that I was able to do for my guests is get a little gift for them all to take home.  Downtown Tape sent me some AMAZING washi tape to give to everyone.  In case you don't know, washi tape is one of my all time favorite things, so I figured it was the perfect thing to send everyone home with!  If you have been thinking about getting some washi tape for yourself, Downtown Tape is THE company to go with.  Not only do they have a great selection, they also sell their tape for the lowest price I've seen.  It's only $1.99 a roll, and they have a flat rate shipping of $2.95 for 1 roll or 100 rolls!  Have I convinced you yet?  It really is one of those things that I think everyone will love once they try it just once.

Oh, and don't mind the line through the "take one".  My daughter Lillie ran her finger through it pretending to read.  She said, "This says 'Lillie Sumsion'" as she ran her finger along it.  Uh...close sis.  :)

We of course had to have delicious things to eat.  I figured there were three types of women coming to my party.  Dr. Pepper, diet coke, and water drinkers.  Turns out I was totally right!  (And if we are keeping score, more women drank dr. pepper than diet coke)  What would be your drink of choice?  I am really curious.

In the end, I think everyone should host a party like this, or at least go to one!  It was such a fun night and I love all of the things that I got.  I am already thinking ahead for the next party!
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Heather H said...

How fun!! And I am a water girl unless the soda is flat.

Crafty Mama of Four said...

Great party! Found you thru Fablifyit!

Katie Lane said...

Fun! Wish I could've come. I love favorite things parties! The wedding was fabulous though. Next time!

Dorothy said...

Such a fun night!

Staci said...

I'm going to try this. So fun.

Leanne said...

It was such a fun party and I love everything I took home. Thanks for inviting me!

Gina Baker said...

Fun! My friend throws the best girl parties- clothing swaps, craft day... and the best food ever. The favorite things sounds like a great idea!

Tara said...

Looks like fun! We've started doing this at our family girl's weekend every year. I just need to decide what to take!

Good seeing you and your cute girl at Gardner Village last night!