Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

I just wanted to pop in on my favorite holiday of the year and say Happy Halloween!  We have had so much fun this week doing "Halloween-ish" things.  It is really fun to see Lillie getting into the spirit of it all.  In fact, we let her choose all of our costumes this year, and she decided that she wanted to be Jessie the cowgirl, I got to be Woody, John is Buzz, and Addie is one of the Aliens.  (Don't you see the resemblance?
"The cla-aw!" 

If you haven't already seen it with your kids, I recommend watching the new Dreamworks Spooky Stories that is available on Netflix.  There are four videos as part of it, and I laugh my head off every time.  It is a Halloween movie that is perfect for little kids.

Here are some fun Halloween projects we have been working on.  Lillie likes spiders, so we made a web our of yarn and mod podge and a cute spider out of a styrofoam ball and pipe cleaners for our door.  Plus, we even made a spider that was a yummy treat.

I hope you are safe and have a BLAST tonight trick or treating!

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