Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tiny Prints Holiday Cards

I recently was introduced to a fun company called Tiny Prints.  Their company specializes in all kinds of paper related products such as invitations, photo books, calendars and holiday cards.  Here's a small sampling of some of my favorite holiday cards from their website. (Click the text below the pictures to find out more about each card.)

Which one of these would you choose?  I am trying to decide between them for my own Christmas cards and would love your input.

Here's another question for you.  How do you display the Christmas cards that you recieve?  I have a metal Christmas tree that I hang on the wall that holds all of mine.  I love seeing pictures of loved ones all in one spot.  It is always interesting to me to see the family photos that people choose to use for their holiday cards.  I think that my mom should make one with the matching p.j. photos that we take every year.  It would be hilarious.

You should definitely go check out Tiny Prints if you are considering getting holiday cards this year.  They are resonably priced and absolutely adorable.  Go check it out here if you don't believe me.
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Prilla said...

I have a metal tree that I have used for years, but it isn't big enough for all the cards I get. So last year I made some bottle cap magnets with Christmas paper and use them to diplay them on the back of my front door. Obviously this wouldn't work with a wooden door. I really liked being able to see each card better than what my tree was able to show me.

Pease Family said...

These are all adorable, but I like the last two best. I always have three or four pictures that I want on my Christmas card. Thanks for sharing!